White Dorper Sheep

I began my sheep venture in 1999 with a few hair sheep for the sole purpose to train my Border Collie Jill.  In 2001 I purchased 3 bred Full Blood White Dorper ewes; three embryo transfer ewes of Grant and Crane Creek breeding.  I was so impressed with the lamb’s weight gain and the temperament and ease of management of the ewes that I continued to develop and upgrade, adding bloodlines from Yucca Lilly and Karoo Genetics, to a flock of 30 Full Blood ewes.  
In 2006 my friendship with Daniel Rivers ofLocust Creek Dorpersled us to co-own a ram, RF 3492, also known as “Quigley” from Riverwood Farms.  Quigley was an embryo transplant from Highveld Stud in Australia and was the National Reserve Champion Ram at San Angelo in 2005 as well as the sire of the Midwest Sale Reserve Champion Ram in 2007.
photo courtesy of Locust Creek Dorpers
photos courtesy of Locust Creek Dorpers
Lambing began in Dec 2014 and I expect our 2015 lambs to be the best I've had!

We occasionally offer quality seed stock ewes, lambs and rams.  Please call for availability.

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Show string with Doc Lowery, Daniel Rivers and his children.  Turnbull Farm thanks Daniel Rivers for his assistance and encouragement in our program.